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Cambridge, MA SCRABBLE® Club #811

As of mid-September, 2013, this club is on hiatus, since the director has moved away from Boston, and the club's future is being considered.

From July, 2012 through August, 2013, this club had been meeting every Monday evening other than holidays from 6:00 to perhaps 11:00 p.m. upstairs at the restaurant Clover Harvard Square at 7 Holyoke St. Clover is a fast-food vegetarian restaurant serving mostly sandwiches and french fries.

There is no fee to attend this club. There is not a requirement to order food form the restaurant, but attendees are encouraged to do so, since the group is not paying for the space. It is important that most attendees do order food.

As of the Fall of 2012 attendance has ranged from 3 to 13 players. Beginners are welcome, but everyone who has attended thus far has played in at least one SCRABBLE® tournament. If a beginner would benefit by using an open book word list of 2- and 3-letter words, the club would allow its use.

Regular players are encouraged to bring boards and equipment, and most players bring their own scoresheets, else they use blank paper. If someone needs scoresheets or paper there will be folks who are happy to share.

Former director John said he had been getting to the club by public transportation, and he was not exactly sure where street parking is available. The parking at the garage at the Holyoke Center is expensive, $28 for 3 hours. If people want to come in from the suburbs, he recommeds parking at Alewife Station and taking the Red Line to Harvard.

This club is recognized by the North American SCRABBLE® Players Association (NASPA) and follows NASPA rules for club and tournament play, using the OWL2 as the word source for most games. When players prefer to use the Collins lexicon for allowable words (which includes a lot of extra words from the British word list), that is supported.

There is a Facebook group http://www.facebook.com/groups/326843967403696/?fref=ts and a Google Doc for stats: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AkbIsVDLQPnJdG5PQmVIYi05TmVwaTNoTnNUY0w2QUE#gid=1

Do not confuse this club with the Monday night club which meets in Brighton and which has been known as the Boston SCRABBLE® Club #59. That club has recently been getting fewer players, but it has been in continuous existence since the 1970s.

Several years ago, Ben Greenwood directed a Cambridge SCRABBLE® Club, but today's Cambridge Club is not connected with that old club.

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