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Manchester, NH SCRABBLE® Club #510

This club meets every Wednesday from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. at KRL/Bantry Components, 160 Bouchard St. in Manchester, NH. Director Don is usually at the club location by 6:30 p.m., so if you want to start earlier and/or get in an extra game feel free to arrive early. Club sessions recently have about 4-8 players.

Matchups are typically done by the director, using modified Swiss pairings according to club ratings and that session's win-loss record. The goal is to have as many competitive games as possible, while also providing a variety of opponents.

Timers are used for all games. During a newcomer's first three visits, time penalties are not assessed, and free challenges are permitted. Use of a 2- and 3-letter word list is also available open-book during this period, as well as for players averaging less than 275.

There are no dues, as the room is free of charge for non-profit community groups. Refreshments are not necessarily provided, but some snacks have typically been available. The intention is to keep the club dues free, unless the club decides to purchase equipment, such as games, timers, etc.

See the club flyer.


The directions are from Exit 1 from I-293/Rte. 101, which diverges from I-93 North or South between exits 5 and 6 just north of the Manchester/Londonderry line. Exit 1 is less than a mile from I-93.

The sign and building are not illuminated, and the sign is hard to see at night, so look for a more visible "New Hampshire Plastics" sign on the right, which is about 30 yards ahead of KRL The driveway is just beyond the building; use the employees' entrance to the right of the main entrance; a motion-detector light will illuminate the steps.

This is less than an hour from Boston.

A Map of the Club Location

You can view a map showing where the club meets.


For more info, contact club director Don Finkey at DFinkster@aol.com or 603-321-3069.

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Other Clubs in New Hampshire

This club is included on this web site since it is relatively close to the Boston, MA metropolitan area. This is one of the only three active clubs of which I am aware in the state of New Hampshire. The other ones are the Peterborough Club #808 and Exeter Club #587.

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