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Worcester, MA SCRABBLE® Club #600

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Since September, 2008, this club meets every Tuesday evening from 5:00 to 10:00 p.m. at Nu Kitchen at 335 Chandler St., Worcester, MA 01602. Some players get there and start as early as 3:45 p.m. The cafe closes at 10 p.m. Some players then go to a different venue for a few more games until midnight or later. BOGGLE is also played at that venue.

You may come and play at any time and leave at any time - you need not commit to staying for the entire session, but you are expected to complete any game you begin. Typical attendance has been 8 - 18 players.

This club is recognized by the North American SCRABBLE® Players Association (NASPA) and follows NASPA rules for club and tournament play, using the NWL2018 lexicon (as of February, 2019) as the main word source. Sometimes, there are games which are based on the CSW2015 lexicon, otherwise known as Collins. The club keeps limited game statistics, and players are ranked by game-winning percentage. The club sseason is from June 1 through the end of May. The director sends out a weekly email season statistics report and a very-well-written newsy email report.

This club is open to anyone at any level of play. The use of timers (chess clocks) is encouraged.

At the conclusion of each game, the winner should record the scores and bingos played along with any other significant plays made. This is done free-form on a tablet of paper.

To contact director Chris Sinacola, either call 774-276-6349, or email him at: CGSinacola@gmail.com

Directions to the Nu Kitchen can be found here.

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