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Word Lists for Playing Competitive Scrabble®

Although you can see some word lists here, you can make your own lists of Scrabble® words using Mike's WHAT program, which is available at no cost.

On 24-Sep-18, Merriam-Webster published the Fifth Edition of the Official Scrabble® Players Dictionary (OSPD5), and it includes more than 300 new words which will eventually be candidates for use in North American competitive Scrabble®. Until any updates are approved by the Dictionary Committee of NASPA, none of these new words are acceptable in club and tourney play. More info will be released in 2019.

Included on this web site are some lists of words of particular aid to folks learning useful words for competitive play in North America and other places using the same lexicon, such as Israel. All these words are found in the "Official Tournament and Club Word List" or "OWL" (available only to club/tourney members at the NASPA web site). This book is the only reference for words played which are of lengths between 2 and 15.

The Dictionary Committee of NASPA, in conjunction with Merriam-Webster, updated both the Official Scrabble® Players Dictionary (OSPD) and the Official Word List (OWL). The OSPD5 is now being sold to the public, and the updated OWL, currently OWL3, is available to members of NASPA. Competitive play in clubs and tournaments switched to using these lists in April, 2015.

The OSPD5, is sold on Amazon and in book stores, but since it is intended for school and recreational use it is missing the swear words and ethnic slurs which where present in previous editions. The OWL continues to include those nasty words. The OWL3 contains some words which are not nasty yet are not included in the new OSPD5, especially trademark names, such as KLEENEX.

Unfortunately, these two word sources are not otherwise consistent with one another, as had been the case for the earlier editions of these books. How or whether this is will be resolved has not been announced, as of June, 2015. There are many words in OWL3, thus acceptable for official competitive play in North America, which are missing from the OSPD5.

Also see Steven Alexander's Scrabble® FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for more details about word sources.

At present, most current word lists here on this site are based on the OWL3 Lexicon. Lists based on the previous OWL2 Lexicon continue to be available here. We have not acquired an electronic form of the words included in the OSPD5 book, so we cannot provide lists for this authority.

Here are the word lists currently found at this site:

Here are some word lists found at other sites:

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