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Boston, MA Meetup Badminton Group

Since late 2010, this informal group is meeting at least about twice per month throughout the year at a venue in Boston accessible to public transportation. It is now meeting at the Boston University Fitness and Recreation Center at 915 Commonweath Avenue near St. Paul Street. There is no regular schedule - play has been on weekends in the afternoon and during the week at night. Anyone is welcome to find out when they meet and join this group by going to and by clicking "join us". Meetup is an organization which sets up many groups of various topics in Boston and around the world.

The group has rented three regulation full-sized badminton courts at the BU Fitness & Recreation Center, which, according to the organizers, is immaculate and a fantastic place to play. There is a full locker room and shower facilities. Expect to play doubles. The host can help to match up pairs, but members are free to join in any game they want. There is a formal web-based sign-up list for each meeting, and attendance is limited to 16 players in order to keep waiting time to a minimum. The courts are reserved only for Boston Meetup Badminton members. The level of play is not likely to be entirely at an advanced level, but I am not sure. I am guessing there are many levels of players here.

The $12 fee, payable online when you RSVP, gets you into the BU Fitness & Recreation Center to play badminton for an hour and a half. Part of the fee is for the court time, and the rest is for the meetup group to cover other expenses, such as racquets and shuttlecocks/birdies.

More details are are presented on the web page mentioned above.

Do not confuse this group with Boston Badminton, a facility devoted to the sport located in Westborough, MA near Route 9 and I-495. On the other hand, the meetup group appears to be meeting sometimes at that venue.

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