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Closed Boston Area Badminton Clubs

A "closed" club is one that is not open to the public. Membership is restricted to a certain group of eligible players, such as students at a particular university. I am making a distinction with private clubs, which are presumably open to the public, but with steep membership dues, such as one expects at a country club or yacht club.

The MIT Badminton Club has its own website.

The Boston University club has its own website.. Folks outside of the BU community may be welcome to play by invitation. Whether this former policy is still in effect is currently unknown.

I met someone who works at Northeastern University who told me badminton may be played at the Marino Center only by those who are members of the althletic program, and you must be affiliated with the school, possibly an alum, in order to join. Membership is not open to the general public. There is play on Friday evenings and perhaps also on Saturday or Sunday. The Marino Center can be reached at 617-373-4433. The only other info, which may be stale, I have on this club is taken directly from the former New England Badminton website: The contact person was Robert Curtin, who is at 508-373-3170. I plan to provide further info here - perhaps a reference to a website for this club.

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