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Special Notices

Here is the latest club info, posted here on 11-Aug-11.

This club is forced to close after an active 17 years. The fourth season for 2010-2011 had been announced to be from July 6 through September 28, 2011. However, it is now the case that 17-Aug-11 is the final play date. Announced on 11-Aug-11, this club must close until further notice due to high rental cost and low attendance.

This club plays many Wednesday evenings thoughout the year from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at the Lincoln-Hancock Elementary School on Water St. in Quincy. The mailing address of the school is 300 Granite St., but the school gym is accessed at 307 Water Street.

This is a community activity which has been active since 1996. It is sponsored by The Asian American Service Association (AASA), which is a not-for-profit agency operating various program for Asian elderly and Asian families. Accordingly, most of the players are Chinese, and a few other nationalities are also represented. Everyone is welcome here, but no smoking is allowed.

There are 3 courts, and only doubles badminton is played. Players are asked to bring their own racquets and feathered birds.

As of 6-Jul-11, there is now only one method of paying dues to play, and that is the fee is $10 per night per person. Although cash is expected, checks may be made out to AASA.

The club maintains an e-mail notification list to alert players of cancellations, etc. This may happen due to weather or a school function.

The director of this club is Rev. Richard Law, who can be reached by phone at 617-773-5482 (takes phone messages) or by e-mail at

Directions to the Club

A Map Showing the School Location

You can view a map showing where the club meets.

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