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Mike Wolfberg's Recipe for Chicken Paprikash

I developed this recipe by reading several recipes on the web for both Veal Paprikash and Mushroom Paprikash. This is a good dish to prepare for a pot luck party. This dish has a bit of hotness based on hot paprika and the hot pepper. You can adjust the hotness level by using more or less of those hot ingredients. If you want to avoid any hotness, avoid these two ingredients; perhaps substitute some non-hot green pepper. Traditionally, paprikash dishes are served over egg noodles, but this one also works over kasha. For a similar dish which is vegetarian, see my recipe for Mushroom Paprikash.

start with one garlic bulb, but use about 1/3 of it
Make a horizontal cut through the bulb, yielding the bottom of a garlic bulb. Drip on olive oil and bake in a covered dish or in foil in a 300 degree oven, starting the oven cold, for one hour. Use a knife to remove the roasted partial garlic cloves and chop them. Set aside. Since you have cut most of the bulb, it would be best if you can make use of the rest of the garlic for other items you are cooking.

about 4 Tbl. rendered chicken fat
You will need enough to saute the chicken and then the veggies.

6-8 skinless boneless chicken thighs, about 4 pounds
Cut into pieces between 1" and 2" square.

one large purple onion
Peel, quarter, and slice into medium slices.

1-2 celery stalks
At least at Roche Brothers in Acton, MA you can buy individual stalks in the produce area. Clean and dice into medium pieces.

1 hot green pepper, such as a thin Thai pepper or a jalapeno
Remove the stem and the seeds and dice into small pieces.

about 1/2 tsp. salt
Use more or less if desired. You could leave this out if you are using the can of stewed tomatoes with salt.

6-12 oz. sliced portobello mushrooms
The brand I bought had 6 oz. packages. I think 6 oz. is enough. Cut each slice into 3 or 4 pieces; 4 pieces are good when the slice includes part of the stem; cut through the stem and then cut two pieces of about equal size.

4 Tbl. Hungarian Paprika, such as Szeged brand, which is available at Roche Bros. in Acton.
Do not use merely a generic paprika found in a spice isle. Hungarian paprika has the distinctive taste this dish needs.

1 tsp. Hot Hungarian Paprika, such as Szeged brand, which is available at Roche Bros. in Acton
This is similar to the previous ingredient, but has a kick. Use more of this is you want a particularly spicy version, but this recipe has a level of hotness which is adequate.

1/2 cup chicken broth (optional)
You may have some left-over broth if you are using this for making kasha as an accompaniment.

One 14.5 oz. can of Del Monte Stewed Tomatoes with no salt preferably and with onion/celery/green pepper; don't get the kind with oregano. If you can only find the can with salt, you could skip adding salt in step 2 of the cooking. While preparing your ingredients, chop the tomatoes for step 6.
Once again, you can find this at least at Roche Bros. in Acton.

1/8 tsp. ground pepper, preferably freshly ground
Use more or less if desired.

1/2 cup of red wine
This is optional, but I think it makes the dish tastier.

1 to 1 1/2 cup Breakstone's Sour Cream; I do not use the low-fat kind, but it will probably work.
Stir this well before you add it in the recipe. If you want to thicken the sauce for this dish, you can add 2 Tbl. flour to the sour cream when you do this stirring.

  1. In a large pot for the stove, which can also be used for serving, melt the chicken fat, and saute the chicken pieces for about 6-7 minutes over high heat. Remove from the pot using a slotted spoon and set aside.

  2. Reduce the heat to medium and add to the pot: celery, pepper, and onion along with the salt (if using no-salt stewed tomatoes). Saute for 10-15 minutes, until these veggies are soft. Add some more chicken fat if there is not enough.

  3. Add the mushroom pieces and stir for 1-2 minutes.

  4. Add the cooked chicken pieces which were set aside, and stir briefly.

  5. Add both kinds of paprika, and stir for about one minute to cook it a bit.

  6. Add the stewed tomatoes (chopped), wine, black pepper, roasted garlic, and optionally some broth. Reduce the heat to low and simmer uncovered for about 20 minutes. If you are making this in advance, perform the following final step after reheating and just before serving.

  7. Stir in the already stirred sour cream and thoroughly mix. It is ready to serve.

You can serve this to be spooned over kasha or egg noodles. I prefer Pennsylvania Dutch Extra Wide Egg Noodles. If serving kasha, I recommend using 1 1/2 cups of the uncooked grains; for this amount, use 3 cups of chicken broth. I have been satisfied with Wolff's brand of kasha, and I prefer the coarse granulation. Follow the instructions on the kasha box, including using an egg or two and sauteed onions. Since there was some extra broth, I added some to the paprikash dish.

This is probably enough to serve as a main dish for at least 4 people.

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