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Michael S. Wolfberg
4 Rockwell Road
Westford, MA 01886-6312
978-496-1397 ,


Although I have basically retired from employment and am not looking, I continue to develop software. I would tentatively consider working as a part-time software engineer in a stimulating environment, performing either quality assurance tasks or the design and implementation of software systems that are used and appreciated.


A highly experienced senior software engineer with an outstanding ability to solve complex problems and develop quality software, working independently or collaboratively. A thorough, innovative, and pragmatic designer with a reputation for rapid completion of reliable and efficient implementations. A diplomatic and effective consultant. Have demonstrated successful involvement with the full software development cycle, including design, development, testing, debugging, maintenance, enhancements, and documentation. Have also dealt with modifications and debugging of legacy software.


Languages - C, C++, C Shell, Perl, JavaScript, lex/yacc, HTML, SGML, Common Lisp (including object-orientation), VAX Pascal, FORTRAN and other high-level, list-processing, macro, and assembly languages.

Operating Systems and Environments - MS Windows from 95 through 7 and parts of the MS Visual Studio; Borland C++ Builder; familiarity with MS Visual C++, Visual InterDev, and FrontPage; UNIX, especially on Sun; VAX/VMS; PDP-11 with RSX-11/M; various other DEC machines; Emacs on the PC and other computers.


Ph.D., Computer and Information Sciences, University of Pennsylvania

M.S., Computer and Information Sciences, University of Pennsylvania

B.S., Electrical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Self-employment, 2004-present

Designed, developed, and now supporting the software product WHAT (Wolfberg's Helpful Anagramming Tool), which is really a toolbox of integrated tools which is a powerful aid for word enthusiasts, especially Scrabble® players. This high-end tool provides an innovative combination of a command language with a substantial GUI. Performed a full range of tasks for the product's life cycle:

Belsoft, Inc., Lexington, MA, 1998-2004
A software products company specializing in software tools to enhance programmer productivity.

As employee #2 of 2 for 5 years and then part-time consultant, co-designed and co-developed EDGE, a source code text editor that includes a C parser and is thus able to report on errors, etc. as a programmer is writing, editing, or reading code.

Used primarily Emacs and Borland C++ Builder, but focused on computational parts of the program, not GUI work. Involved with several tasks, including:

Self-employment, 1997-1998

Intentional personal catch-up time, including marriage, plus the following technical activities:

Interleaf, Inc., Waltham, MA, 1991-1996
A software products company specializing in electronic publishing.

With job title Member of the Technical Staff, served on the Liaison and SGML development teams.

Compass, Inc., Wakefield, MA, 1969-1991
A software products company specializing in languages and compilers.

With job titles Senior Analyst and Staff Scientist, served as an individual contributor, collaborator, technical leader, and consultant on a variety of in-house, commercial, and government projects.



Numerous manuals, documents, project reports, and published papers (DECUS, ACM, IEEE, etc.).
A complete list is available upon request.

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