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Exeter, NH SCRABBLE® Club #587

As of 16-Mar-20, this club is not meeting at the usual venue. Outsiders are asked to avoid visiting Riverwoods for the foreseeable future.

This club has been meeting on Monday evenings in Exeter since July, 2003, but it changed its location in mid-July, 2005. The current location is at the Riverwoods at Exeter, 7 RiverWoods Drive, Exeter NH 03833. At this location, the stated club hours are from 6:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Often, club attendees arrange to start earlier, such as at 5:30 p.m. Playing time may also extend past 10:30 p.m. when players want to play later.

Each session consists of 4-7 games starting roughly on the hour. Players are welcome to attend for any part of a session. There is currently no fee to attend this club. The club provides score sheets for those who need them.

Current Club Ratings and the Weekly News

As of early September, 2007, this club is using a new system to issue weekly reports. This is the same system which has been used for many years in the Lexington SCRABBLE® Club. You can read about the details of this system here.

Club Director and Contact Person

This club had been directed by NASPA-certified director Kath Mullholand, but since she has relocated her home, she no longer attends on a regular basis. Currently, there is no particular director in charge of this club. For more info, contact player Mike Wolfberg, preferably by email, or at 978-496-1397 (H) or 978-369-5283 (C).

Attendance at this club has been spotty and there have been many evenings when there are too few players. Therefore, Mike has been polling players each week to find out who will attend. If you would like to play at this club, please email Mike to indicate this and to check if there will indeed be a club session.



You can view a map showing where the club meets.

Noteworthy Game

At the Exeter, NH Club tourney on 20-Mar-05, a 15-letter word ended up on the board in the H row. It began with CONTENT by Ed Liebfried. It was extended by Keith Hagel to CONTENTMENTS, and then Ed made the final dISCONTENTMENTS. You can see a picture of the final position of this game here.

Other Clubs in New Hampshire

This club is included on this web site since it is relatively close to the Boston, MA metropolitan area. This is one of the only three active clubs of which I am aware in the state of New Hampshire. The others are the Peterborough Club #808 and the Manchester Club #510.

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