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Plymouth, MA SCRABBLE® Club

Club administrator, Eileen Loring has provided the following info, mostly from a flyer...

Since early 2012, the SCRABBLE® CONNECTION meets regularly (weekly and sometimes a couple of times each week) for casual, enjoyable games of Scrabble®!

Our game is very casual. We do consult dictionaries for spelling and for validity of words; there is no time limit for turns. For us, it's the appreciation of making a good word, keeping our brains active, learning something new and meeting new people in person. Even though many of us love SCRABBLE® on-line, computers can be so isolating and anonymous.

We also all have busy, hectic schedules as well, so don't feel you need to be committed to participate in every game. Join us as little or as much as you like; come and go as you please.

If you would like to be informed of upcoming games, email us at scrabbleconnection@live.com to join our e-mailing list. Hope to see you soon!

Mostly, this club meets Saturday evenings at one of the Panera Bread restaurants and on Wednesdays at a clubhouse for a local over-55 community in the Plymouth/Carver area. Eileen sends out an email weekly with the schedule and locations.

The SCRABBLE® Dictionary is used to verify played words.

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