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New NWL2018 Sevens

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There are 65 new NWL2018 words of length seven, and these are listed in decreasing order by likelihood (or probability). This was produced with the help of WHAT (see There is another listing that provides all of the anagrams of the new NWL2018 words here.
TELOGEN - TELOGEN n pl. -S a period of hair growth
BITRATE - BITRATE n pl. -S the speed of data processing
WORDIES - WORDIE n pl. -S a lover of words
OTHERED - OTHER v -ED, -ING, -S to treat a person as being very different from oneself
LOOGIES - LOOGIE n pl. -S a mass of saliva and phlegm
FIBRATE - FIBRATE n pl. -S a drug that regulates lipids
QUORATE - QUORATE adj having a quorum
ANTIFAS - ANTIFA n pl. -S a person or group opposing fascism
CATAGEN - CATAGEN n pl. -S a period of hair growth
METICAS - METICA n pl. -S metical
FENINGA - FENING n pl. -INGA or -INGS  a monetary unit of Bosnia and Herzegovina
BARCODE - BARCODE n pl. -S a group of thick and thin marks placed on a product
ANAGENS - ANAGEN n pl. -S a period of hair growth
THETRIS - THETRI n pl. -S tetri
BOTNETS - BOTNET n pl. -S a group of computers linked by malware
SEROMAS - SEROMA n pl. -S an abnormal pocket of clear liquid in the body
CAVEOLA - CAVEOLA n pl. -LAE a tiny pit in a cell membrane CAVEOLAR adj
AROWANA - AROWANA n pl. -S a large, tropical fish
ARUANAS - ARUANA n pl. -S arowana
AGYRIAS - AGYRIA n pl. -S a disease of the brain
ASIAGOS - ASIAGO n pl. -GOS a type of cheese
AUDISTS - AUDIST n pl. -S one that practices audism
BESTIES - BESTIE n pl. -S a person who someone likes very much
BITCOIN - BITCOIN n pl. -S a digital currency
MACARON - MACARON n pl. -S a cookie with filling in the middle
SANTOKU - SANTOKU n pl. -S a Japanese knife
SCHNEID - SCHNEID n pl. -S a series of losses
JUDGIER - JUDGY adj JUDGIER, JUDGIEST tending to judge others
RAGDOLL - RAGDOLL n pl. -S a domestic cat
LEUCISM - LEUCISM n pl. -S abnormal pale coloring of skin, feathers, or hair
CONLANG - CONLANG n pl. -S an invented language
AIRBALL - AIRBALL v -ED, -ING, -S to miss the goal in basketball
ROOTKIT - ROOTKIT n pl. -S software that allows a person to secretly access a computer
TRUTHER - TRUTHER n pl. -S one who believes that the truth is being hidden
CANKLES - CANKLE n pl. -S a thick ankle
WUDDIES - WUDDY n pl. -DIES a large loop at the end of a rope
TWERKED - TWERK v -ED, -ING, -S to dance by shaking the buttocks while squatting
MISFOLD - MISFOLD v -ED, -ING, -S to fold wrongly
AUDISMS - AUDISM n pl. -S discrimination or prejudice against deaf people
PREMAKE - PREMAKE v -MADE, -MAKING, -MAKES to make in advance
SHEEPLE - SHEEPLE n pl. -S people likened to sheep
TOGROGS - TOGROG n pl. -S tugrik
GRAWLIX - GRAWLIX n pl. -ES a series of typographical symbols (such as $#!) used in text as a replacement for profanity
BITURBO - BITURBO n pl. -S an engine with two turbos
CHYRONS - CHYYRON n pl. -S a group of words that appears on a television screen
NUTJOBS - NUTJOB n pl. -S a crazy person
ARAWANA - ARAWANA n pl. -S arowana
DIDYMOS - DIDYMO n pl. -S a class of algae
NUBBERS - NUBBER n pl. -S a weakly hit ball
NONKINS - NONKIN n pl. -S those who are not kin
BIZJETS - BIZJET n pl. -S a small airplane used for business
PUGGLES - PUGGLE n pl. -S a kind of dog
ZOMBOID - ZOMBOID adj resembling zombies
CAPICHE - CAPICHE v to capisce -- used interrogatively without inflection
PAPASAN - PAPASAN n pl. -S a chair shaped like a bowl
CAPCOMS - CAPCOM n pl. -S a person who assists a space mission
CAPTCHA - CAPTCHA n pl. -S a test that must be done to access a website
SPUTUMS - SPUTUM n pl. -TA or -S saliva
UPCYCLE - UPCYCLE v -CLED, -CLING, -CLES to make a product of greater value from recycled material
WAYBACK - WAYBACK n pl. -S the area in the back of a vehicle
GRIZZES - GRIZ n pl. GRIZES or GRIZZES a grizzly
KOPIYKY - KOPIYKA n pl. -PIYKAS or -PIYKY or -PIYOK a monetary unit of Ukraine
KOPIYOK - KOPIYKA n pl. -PIYKAS or -PIYKY or -PIYOK a monetary unit of Ukraine

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