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All 107 Two-Letter Words Acceptable in the NWL2018
The two words shown with a suffixed plus sign are new in NWL2018 as of February, 2019.

AA  - rough, cindery lava EL  - elevated railroad LO  - expresses surprise PE  - a Hebrew letter
AB  - abdominal muscle EM  - the letter "M" MA  - mother PI  - a Greek letter
AD  - advertisement EN  - the letter "N" ME  - personal pronoun PO  - a chamber pot
AE  - one ER  - expresses hesitation MI  - a tone of the scale QI  - Chinese vital force
AG  - agriculture ES  - the letter "S" MM  - expresses assent RE  - a tone of the scale
AH  - to exclaim in surprise ET  - a past tense of eat MO  - a moment SH  - urges silence
AI  - three-toed sloth EW+ - used to express disgust MU  - a Greek letter SI  - ti (a tone of the scale)
AL  - an East Indian tree EX  - to cross out MY  - possessive pronoun SO  - sol (a tone of the scale)
AM  - form of "to be" FA  - a tone of the scale NA  - no; not TA  - expression of gratitude
AN  - indefinite article FE  - a Hebrew letter NE  - born with the name of TE  - ti (a tone of the scale)
AR  - the letter "R" GI  - a white garment worn in martial arts NO  - a negative reply TI  - a tone of the scale
AS  - to the same degree GO  - a Japanese board game NU  - a Greek letter TO  - in the direction of
AT  - in the position of HA  - sound of surprise OD  - a hypothetical force UH  - expresses hesitation
AW  - expresses protest HE  - male person OE  - Faeroe Islands whirlwind UM  - to hesitate in speaking
AX  - cutting tool HI  - used as a greeting OF  - coming from UN  - one
AY  - affirmative vote HM  - expresses consideration OH  - to exclaim in surprise UP  - to raise
BA  - (Egyptian) eternal soul HO  - a whore; deemed offensive OI  - oy (expresses dismay) US  - personal pronoun
BE  - to have actuality ID  - part of the psyche OK+ - all right UT  - musical tone (is now DO)
BI  - a bisexual IF  - a possibility OM  - a mantra WE  - pronoun
BO  - a pal IN  - to harvest ON  - batsman's side of wicket WO  - woe
BY  - a side issue IS  - form of "to be" OP  - a style of abstract art XI  - a Greek letter
DA  - dad IT  - neuter pronoun OR  - the heraldic color gold XU  - monetary unit of Vietnam
DE  - of; from - used in names JO  - sweetheart OS  - a bone YA  - an Asian pear
DO  - a tone of the scale KA  - (Egyptian) spiritual self OW  - expresses pain YE  - you
ED  - education KI  - qi (Chinese vital force) OX  - a clumsy person YO  - used to call attention
EF  - the letter "F" LA  - a tone of the scale OY  - expresses dismay ZA  - a pizza
EH  - expresses doubt LI  - Chinese unit of distance PA  - father