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New OWL3 Fives Definitions

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ACAIS - ACAI n pl. -S a purple berrylike fruit of a tropical palm
ACROS - ACRO n pl. ACROS a skiing event in which a skier performs acrobatic moves to music
ADBOT - ADBOT n pl. -S a specialized computer program
ADMIN - ADMIN n pl. -S an administration
AFROS - AFRO n pl. AFROS a curly or frizzy hairstyle
AGLOO - AGLOO n pl. AGLOOS an air hole through the ice made by a seal
AGLUS - AGLU n pl. -S agloo
AGROS - AGRO n pl. AGROS a student of agricultural science
AGUED - AGUE n pl. -S a malarial fever AGUED, AGUELIKE, AGUISH adj AGUISHLY adv
AIYEE - AIYEE interj -- used to express great alarm
ALVAR - ALVAR n pl. -S an area of exposed limestone
AMRIT - AMRIT n pl. -S amrita
ANURA - ANURA n/pl frogs and toads
ARCHI - ARCO n pl. ARCHI a note or passage played with the bow of a stringed instrument
ASCON - ASCON n pl. -S a type of sponge ASCONOID adj
ASURA - ASURA n pl. -S a Hindu demon
ASWIM - ASWIM adj swimming
ATIGI - ATIGI n pl. -S a type of Inuit parka
AYAYA - AYAYA n pl. -S a type of singing among the Inuit
BACCY - BACCY n pl. -CIES tobacco
BALTI - BALTI n pl. -S a type of Pakistani cuisine
BANCS - BANC n pl. -S a bench
BARFI - BARFI n pl. -S burfi
BARRY - BARRY adj divided into horizontal bars
BAWKS - BAWK n pl. -S an Atlantic seabird
BAWNS - BAWN n pl. -S a meadow for cows
BAYER - BAY adj BAYER, BAYEST dark reddish-brown
BEALS - BEAL n pl. -S an infected sore (a painful place on the body)
BEDAD - BEDAD interj -- user as a mild oath
BEGAD - BEGAD interj -- user as a mild oath
BEVVY - BEVVY n pl. -VIES an alcoholic drink
BHAJI - BHAJI n pl. -S an Indian dish of fried vegetables
BIBES - BIBE n pl. -S a creature whose crying is an omen of death
BLAGS - BLAG v BLAGGED, BLAGGING, BLAGS to rob with violence
BLECH - BLECH interj -- used to express disgust
BLING - BLING v -ED, -ING, -S to adopt a flamboyant appearance
BLINY - BLIN n pl. BLINI or BLINIS or BLINY a blintze
BOBOS - BOBO n pl. -BOS a well-to-do person who holds bohemian values and leads a bourgeois life
BOEUF - BOEUF n pl. -S beef
BONCE - BONCE n pl. -S a person's head
BOPPY - BOPPY adj suggestive of bebop
BOULT - BOULT v -ED, -ING, -S to bolt (sift)
BOXLA - BOXLA n pl. -S a form of lacrosse played in an enclosed area
BROCH - BROCH n pl. -S a prehistoric stone tower
BUBBE - BUBBE n pl. -S a Jewish grandmother
BURFI - BURFI n pl. -S a dessert made from milk solids and sugar
BURKS - BURK n pl. -S berk
BUTOH - BUTOH n pl. -S a style of modern Japanese dance
BUZZY - BUZZY adj BUZZIER, BUZZIEST having a vibrating sound
CAMIS - CAMI n pl. -S a camisole
CAPOT - CAPOT n pl. -S a capote
CAPRI - CAPRI n pl. -S a woman's tapered pants
CAURI - CAURI n pl. -S a former monetary unit of Guinea
CAVAS - CAVA n pl. -S a sparkling Spanish wine
CERTS - CERT n pl. -S an event considered certain to happen
CHANA - CHANA n pl. -S a snack of chick peas
CHEMS - CHEM n pl. -S a chemistry class or course
CHING - CHING n pl. -S a high-pitched ringing sound
CHOCS - CHOC n pl. -S a chocolate
CHOIL - CHOIL n pl. -S the end of a knife blade nearer the handle
CHOLI - CHOLI n pl. -S a bodice worn by some Hindu women
CHONS - CHON n pl. CHONS a monetary unit of North and South Korea
CHUSE - CHUSE v -ED, -ING, -S to choose
CIGGY - CIGGY n pl. -GIES ciggie
CINQS - CINQ n pl. -S cinque
CIRCS - CIRC n/pl circumstances
CLEGS - CLEG n pl. -S a horsefly
CLITS - CLIT n pl. -S clitoris *deemed offensive*
COADY - COADY n pl. -DYS or -DIES a sauce made from molasses
COHOE - COHOE n pl. -S coho
COMBI - COMBI n pl. -S a machine having a combined function
COMMO - COMMO n pl. -S communication
COMMS - COMM n pl. -S communication
COPSY - COPSE n pl. -S a coppice COPSY adj
COQUI - COQUI n pl. -S a small arboreal frog
COYAU - COYAU n pl. -S a steep roof design
CRIPS - CRIP n pl. -S a cripple (disabled person) *deemed offensive*
CRUDO - CRUDO n pl. -S sliced, uncooked seafood often served with a sauce
CRUFT - CRUFT n pl. -S technical material that is redundant, old, or inferior
CRUNK - CRUNK n pl. -S a type of rap music
CRYER - CRYER n pl. -S crier
CUNIT - CUNIT n pl. -S 100 cubic feet (2.83 cubic meters) of wood
CUZES - CUZ n pl. CUZES or CUZZES a cousin
DECAN - DECAN n pl. -S one of three equal 10-degree divisions of a sign of the zodiac
DEMOI - DEMOS n pl. DEMOI or DEMOSES the people of an ancient Greek state
DESHI - DESHI n pl. -S desi
DESIS - DESI n pl. -S a person of Indian, Pakistani, or Bangladeshi birth who lives abroad
DEVIS - DEVI n pl. -S a Hindu goddess
DHIKR - DHIKR n pl. -S a Sufi religious ceremony
DOBES - DOBE n pl. -S adobe
DOGAN - DOGAN n pl. -S a derogatory term for a person who follows the Catholic faith *deemed offensive*
DOOBS - DOOB n pl. -S a doobie
DORES - DORE n pl. -S a large freshwater fish
DOSAI - DOSA n pl. DOSAS or DOSAI a pancake made from rice flour
DOSAS - DOSA n pl. DOSAS or DOSAI a pancake made from rice flour
DOSHA - DOSHA n pl. -S each of three energies believed to circulate in the body
DOUTS - DOUT v -ED, -ING, -S to extinguish (as a fire)
DROKE - DROKE n pl. -S a grove of trees
DRYAS - DRYAS n pl. DRYAS a flowering alpine plant
DULCE - DULCE n pl. -S a sweet food or drink
DUNNO - DUNNO v don't know
DWALE - DWALE n pl. -S a poisonous plant with purple flowers
EASER - EASER n pl. -S one that eases
EEJIT - EEJIT n pl. -S an idiot
EJIDO - EJIDO n pl. -S a piece of land farmed communally in Mexico
EKKAS - EKKA n pl. -S a one-horse vehicle of India
ELVEN - ELVEN adj resembling an elf
EMERG - EMERG n pl. -S the section of a hospital that deals with emergencies
EMICS - EMICS n/pl a type of linguistic analysis EMIC adj
EQUES - EQUES n pl. EQUITES a member of a privileged military class of ancient Rome
ERUVS - ERUV n pl. ERUVIM or ERUVS an enclosed area in which Jews are permitted to carry on activities normally forbidden on the Sabbath
ETICS - ETICS n/pl a type of linguistic analysis ETIC adj
FACTA - FACTUM n pl. -TUMS or -TA a statement of the facts of a case being appealed
FAFFS - FAFF v -ED, -ING, -S to make a fuss
FAKIE - FAKIE n pl. -S a movement in skateboarding and snowboarding
FELTY - FELTY adj FELTIER, FELTIEST resembling a cloth made from wool
FESTA - FESTA n pl. -S a religious festival
FILKS - FILK n pl. -S a type of popular music that parodies folk songs
FLAKS - FLAK n pl. FLAKS antiaircraft fire
FLAVA - FLAVA n pl. -S a style of hip-hop music
FOREX - FOREX n pl. FOREXES a foreign exchange
FRACK - FRACK v -ED, -ING, -S to engage in fracking
FREON - FREON n pl. -S a gas used for refrigeration
FUDGY - FUDGY adj FUDGIER, FUDGIEST resembling fudge (a soft, sweet candy)
GABBA - GABBA n pl. -S aggressive sounding music with a very fast beat
GALED - GALE v GALED, GALING, GALES to frolic playfully
GATCH - GATCH v -ED, -ING, -ES to behave boastfully
GAUCH - GAUCH v -ED, -ING, -ES to gatch
GEANS - GEAN n pl. -S a bitch or attention-whore *deemed offensive*
GELLY - GELLY n pl. GELLIES gelignite (a high explosive)
GINCH - GINCH n pl. -ES gotch
GITCH - GITCH n pl. -ES gotch
GLOOP - GLOOP n pl. -S sticky material
GOATY - GOATY adj GOATIER, GOATIEST suggestive of a goat
GOJIS - GOJI n pl. -S the red berry of an Asian shrub
GONCH - GONCH n pl. -ES gaunch
GOOLY - GOOLY n pl. -LIES a testicle *deemed offensive*
GOTCH - GOTCH n pl. -ES underpants
GROVY - GROVY adj GROVIER, GROVIEST resembling or suggestive of a grove
GRRRL - GRRRL n pl. -S a young woman who resists the exploitation of women
GUMMI - GUMMI n pl. -S a rubbery, flavored candy
GUNGE - GUNGE v GUNGED, GUNGIN, GUNGES to obstruct with gunky material
GURDY - GURDY n pl. -DIES a winch on a fishing boat
GYNIE - GYNIE n pl. -S a gynecologist
GYNOS - GYNO n pl. -S a gynecologist
GYPOS - GYPO n pl. -S a small-time logging operator
GYPPO - GYPPO n pl. -S gypo
HAICK - HAICK n pl. -S haik
HALWA - HALWA n pl. -S a sweet Indian dish
HAPPI - HAPPI n pl. -S a loose Japanese coat
HARAM - HARAM adj forbidden by Islamic law
HEVEA - HEVEA n pl. -S a tree yielding sap used for rubber
HIMBO - HIMBO n pl. -S an attractive but unintelligent man
HOLME - HOLME n pl. -S holm
HOLOS - HOLO n pl. -S a hologram
HOMAS - HOMA n pl. -S a hom
HOPAK - HOPAK n pl. -S a Ukrainian dance
HORKS - HORK v -ED, -ING, -S to spit
HOTTY - HOTTY n pl. -S a hottie
HUGGY - HUGGY adj HUGGIER, HUGGIEST involving or given to hugging
HWYLS - HWYL n pl. -S an emotion that inspires impassioned eloquence
IDENT - IDENT n pl. -S identification
IMPRO - IMPRO n pl. -S improv
INBOX - INBOX n pl. INBOXES a window in which electronic mail is displayed
IXNAY - IXNAY interj no
IZARD - IZARD n pl. -S a goatlike antelope
JAKER - JAKE adj JAKER, JAKEST all right; fine
JANNY - JANNY v -NIED, -NYING, -NIES to act as a disguised merrymaker at Christmas
JEEZE - JEEZE interj jeez
JIBBA - JIBBA n pl. -S a long coat worn by Muslim men
JIRDS - JIRD n pl. -S a long-tailed rodent
JOCKY - JOCKY adj JOCKIER, JOCKIEST resembling an athlete
JOOKS - JOOK n pl. -S a tavern that has a jukebox
JUMAR - JUMAR v JUMARED JUMARRED, JUMARING JUMARRING, JUMARS to climb with ropes using a type of clamp
JUVIE - JUVIE n pl. -S a juvenile delinquent
KAPOW - KAPOW n pl. -S a sudden sharp sound
KAPUS - KAPU n pl. -S a Hawaiian set of rules for daily life
KARRI - KARRI n pl. -S an Australian eucalyptus
KEMPY - KEMPY adj KEMPIER, KEMPIEST having coarse hair or fibers
KETAS - KETA n pl. -S a type of salmon
KEYER + KEY adj KEYER, KEYEST important, fundamental
      + KEYER n pl. -S a device that turns an electronic circuit on or off
KIACK - KIACK n pl. -S a fish of the herring family
KINDA - KINDA adj a kind of
KIPPA - KIPPA n pl. -S a yarmulke
KLIEG - KLIEG n pl. -S an electric lamp used in filming
KNURR - KNURR n pl. -S knur
KOFTA - KOFTA n pl. -S a spiced ball of meat or fish in Indian cooking
KOKAM - KOKAM n pl. -S kokum
KOKUM - KOKUM n pl. -S an East Indian tree
KRAIS - KRAI n pl. -S an administrative territory of Russia
KRAYS - KRAY n pl. KRAYS krai
KUBIE - KUBIE n pl. -S a kubasa on a bun
KULFI - KULFI n pl. -S an Indian dessert resembling ice cream
KUMIS - KUMIS n pl. -ES koumiss
KYLIN - KYLIN n pl. -S a composite mythical animal
LADDY - LADDY adj LADDIER, LADDIEST laddish in behavior
LAHAL - LAHAL n pl. -S a team game played by indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest
LAIRY - LAIRY adj LAIRIER, LAIRIEST unpleasantly loud
LANCH - LANCH v -ED, -ING, -ES to haul a boat over ice
LASSY - LASSY n pl. -SIES molasses
LEDES - LEDE n pl. -S the introductory section of a news story
LEVAS - LEV n pl. LEVA or LEVAS or LEVS a monetary unit of Bulgaria
LINNY - LINNY n pl. -S a row of rooms across the back of a house
LIPAS - LIPA n pl. LIPE or LIPAS a monetary unit of Croatia
LIPOS - LIPO n pl. -S liposuction
LITES - LITE n pl. -S a beer having relatively few calories
LOCHE - LOCHE n pl. -S a fish of the cod family
LOCIE - LOCIE n pl. -S loci
LOCIS - LOCI n pl. -S an engine used in logging
LOOKY - LOOKY interj -- used to draw attention to something
LOTSA - LOTSA n a lot of
LOTTA - LOTTA n a lot of
LOVEY + LOVEY n pl. -S a sweetheart
      + LOVEY adj LOVIER, LOVIEST fondly affectionate
LUDOS - LUDO n pl. -S a simple board game
MAHUA - MAHUA n pl. -S an Indian tree
MAHWA - MAHWA n pl. -S mahua
MAKIS - MAKI n pl. -S a dish of sushi and raw vegetables wrapped in seaweed
MAMEE - MAMEE n pl. -S mamey
MANEB - MANEB n pl. -S a powder for killing fungi
MANKY - MANKY adj MANKIER, MANKIEST inferior, defective
MASES - MASES n Medication Adherence Self-Efficacy Scale
MECHS - MECH n pl. -S a mechanic
MENTO - MENTO n pl. -S a style of Jamaican folk music
MICKY - MICKY n pl. MICKIES mickey
MIKVA - MIKVA m pl. -S mikvah
MIRID - MIRID n pl. -S a variety of leaf bug
MOCHI - MOCHI n pl. -S a Japanese confection made with rice flour and sweetened bean paste
MOFOS - MOFO n pl. -S mother fucker *deemed offensive*
MOHOS - MOHO n pl. MOHOS a boundary separating the earth's crust and mantle (the region between the crust and the core
MOLYS - MOLY n pl. MOLYS molybdenum
MONIC - MONIC adj denoting a type of polynomial
MONTY - MONTY n pl. -TIES the full amount expected or possible
MOOKS - MOOK n pl. -S a foolish or contemptible person
MOPPY - MOPPY adj MOPPIER, MOPPIEST resembling a mop
MULIE - MULIE n pl. -S a western North American deer
      + MUMSY n pl. MUMSIES mother
MUNGS - MUNG n pl. -S a round green bean
MUSOS - MUSO n pl. MUSOS a musician
MUTHA - MUTHA n pl. -S used as an expression to exaggerate an amount *deemed offensive*
MUXED - MUX v -ED, -ING, -ES to transmit several messages simultaneously along a single channel
MUXES - MUX v -ED, -ING, -ES to transmit several messages simultaneously along a single channel
MUZAK - MUZAK n pl. -S recorded background music
NAGAS - NAGA n pl. -S a half-snake, half-human creature in Hinduism
NANNA - NANNA n pl. -S nana
NANOS - NANO n pl. -S science that deals with materials on an atomic or molecular scale
NEWBS - NEWB n pl. -S a newbie
NEXTS - NEXT n pl. -S the one that comes immediately after
NIFFS - NIFF v -ED, -ING, -S to stink
NIKAH - NIKAH n pl. -S a Muslim marriage ceremony
NINER - NINER n pl. -S a student in the ninth grade
NIQAB - NIQAB n pl. -S a veil worn by some Muslim women
NOYAU - NOYAU n pl. -YAUX a liqueur made of brandy and fruit kernels
NUFFS - NUFF n pl. -S enough
NUTSO - NUTSO n pl. -S something or someone that goes beyond crazy
OAKED - OAKED adj matured in an oak container
OCHES - OCHE n pl. -S a line behind which players stand when throwing darts
OGEED - OGEE n pl. -S an S-shaped molding OGEED adj
OLLIE - OLLIE v OLLIED, OLLIEING, OLLIES to perform a maneuver in skateboarding or snowboarding
ORACY - ORACY n pl. -CIES skill in oral expression and comprehension
OSCAR - OSCAR n pl. -S a South American fish
OTAKU - OTAKU n/pl young people in Japan who are highly skilled in computer technology
OUTRO - OUTRO n pl. -S a concluding passage of a piece of music
OUTTA - OUTTA prep out of
OXERS - OXER n pl. -S a fence for keeping in cattle
PAANS - PAAN n pl. -S a betel leaf folded round pieces of betel nut and spices
PALIS - PALI n pl. -S a cliff in Hawaii
PALSA - PALSA n pl. -S a landform of subarctic regions
PAREN - PAREN n pl. -S a parenthesis
PASHM - PASHM n pl. -S the inner fur of some Tibetan animals
PASKA - PASKA n pl. -S pashka
PAUAS - PAUA n pl. -S a large New Zealand shellfish
PELAU - PELAU n pl. -S a dish made with meat, rice, and pigeon peas
PEPSI - PEPSI n pl. -S short for Pepsi-cola, a brand of soft drink
PERCS - PERC n pl. -S a chemical used in dry cleaning
PERVO - PERVO n pl. -S a perv
PERVY - PERVY adj PERVIER, PERVIEST sexually perverted
PHISH - PHISH v -ED, -ING, -ES to engage in phishing
PHIZZ - PHIZZ n pl. -ES phiz
PIANI - PIANI n/pl music passages to be played softly
PIEZO - PIEZO adj pertaining to a type of electricity
PIPAS - PIPA n pl. -S a four-stringed Chinese lute
PISSY - PISSY adj PISSIER, PISSIEST complaining and moaning over stupid happenings *deemed offensive*
PITOT - PITOT n pl. -S a tube used to measure the pressure of a fluid stream
PLOYE - PLOYE n pl. -S a buckwheat pancake
PLUOT - PLUOT n pl. -S a hybrid fruit of plum and apricot
POGOS - POGO v -GOED, -GOING, -GOES or -GOS to jump up and down as if on a pogo stick
POMBE - POMBE n pl. -S an African drink made from grain and fruit
PONCY - PONCY adj PONCIER, PONCIEST over-priced, over-styled, or overrated *deemed offensive*
PONGO - PONGO n pl. -S an anthropoid ape
PONZU - PONZU n pl. -S a tangy sauce used chiefly on seafood
POOJA - POOJA n pl. -S puja
POOKA - POOKA n pl. -S a hobgoblin in Irish myths
POOPY - POOPY adj POOPIER, POOPIEST stupid or ineffectual
PORIN - PORIN n pl. -S any of a class of proteins through which molecules can diffuse
PRANA - PRANA n pl. -S breath as a life-giving force in Hinduism
PROBS - PROB n pl. -S a problem
PUDGE - PUDGE n pl. -S fat on a body
PUDUS - PUDU n pl. -S a small deer of South America
PUKEY - PUKEY adj PUKIER, PUKIEST resembling or suggestive of vomit
PULAO - PULAO n pl. -S pilaf
PULAS - PULA n pl. -S a monetary unit of Botswana
PULKA - PULKA n pl. -S pulk
PULKS - PULK n pl. -S a small sled
PZAZZ - PZAZZ n -ES pizazz
QAJAQ - QAJAQ n pl. -S kayak
QIBLA - QIBLA n pl. -S kiblah
RAGER - RAGER n pl. -S one that rages
RAGGA - RAGGA n pl. -S music that combines reggae and hip hop
RAMIN - RAMIN n pl. -S a Malaysian tree
RANGS - RANG n pl. -S a row of long lots along a road
RAVEY - RAVEY adj RAVIER, RAVIEST characteristic of a rave (an all-night dance party with fast electronic music
REGIE - REGIE n pl. -S a government regulatory body in Quebec
REIKI - REIKI n pl. -S a healing technique involving touching with the hands
RENOS - RENO n pl. -S a renovated house
REORG - REORG v -ED, -ING, -S to reorganize
RESES - RES n pl. RESES a university or college residence
REZES - REZ n pl. REZES or REZZES an area of land set aside for Native Americans
RONDE - RONDE n pl. -S a dance in which the dancers move in a circle
RONIN - RONIN N PL. -S a wandering samurai
ROSTI - ROSTI N PL. -S a Swiss dish of fried grated potatoes topped with cheese
RUBLI - RUBEL n pl. RUBELS or RUBLI a monetary unit of Belarus
RUKHS - RUKH n pl. -S a roc
RUMLY - RUMLY adj in an odd or peculiar way
SAKTI - SAKTI n pl. -S the wife of a god in Hinduism
SALAT - SALAT n pl. -S the ritual prayer of Muslims
SALUT - SALUT interj -- used to express friendship before a drink
SAMEY - SAMEY adj SAMIER, SAMIEST lacking variety
SAMFU - SAMFU n pl. -S a casual Chinese outfit of jacket and pants
SCOPA - SCOPA n pl. -PAE a small tuft of hair on the body of an insect
SCRAN - SCRAN n pl. -S food
SCROB - SCROB v SCROBBED, SCROBBING, SCROBS to scrape with or as with claws
SEIZA - SEIZA n pl. -S a kneeling position in Japanese martial arts
SEMEE - SEMEE adj covered all over with small heraldic figures
SENES - SENE n pl. -S a monetary unit of Samoa
SENTS - SENT n pl. SENTS or SENTI a monetary unit of Estonia
SEXER - SEXER n pl. -S one that sexes
SHERO - SHERO n pl. -ROES a woman regarded as a hero
SHITE - SHITE n pl. -S a British alternate for shit *deemed offensive*
SHIUR - SHIUR n pl. SHIURIM a Talmudic study session
SHMOE - SHMOE n pl. -S schmo
SHOJO - SHOJO n pl. SHOJO manga intended primarily for girls
SHTUP - SHTUP v -PPED, -PPING, -PS to schtup *deemed offensive*
SHURA - SHURA n pl. -S an advisory council
SICKY - SICKY n pl. -KIES a day taken of work due to illness
SIXER - SIXER n pl. -S the leader of a group of six Brownies or Cubs
SKOLS - SKOL v -ED, -ING, -S to skoal
SLOMO - SLOMO n pl. -S slow motion
SMORG - SMORG n pl. -S a smorgasbord
SOCES - SOC n pl. -ES a sociology course
SOJUS - SOJU n pl. -S Korean vodka distilled from rice or sweet potato
SOLAS - SOLA n pl. -S a swamp plant of India
SPECT - SPECT v -ED, -ING, -S to expect
SPROG - SPROG n pl. -S a small child
STONK - STONK v -ED, -ING, -S to bombard with artillery fire
SUETE - SUETE n pl. -S a southeasterly wind in areas of Cape Breton Island
SUKHS - SUKH n pl. -S a souk
SUMIS - SUMI n pl. -S a type of black ink Japanese ink
SUSED - SUS v -ED, -ING, -ES to suss
SUSES - SUS v -ED, -ING, -ES to suss
SWILE - SWILE n pl. -S a seal (marine mammal)
SYCON - SYCON n pl. -S a type of sponge SYCONOID adj
TACAN - TACAN n pl. -S a navigational system for aircraft
TAIKO - TAIKO n pl. -S a barrel-shaped Japanese drum
TALCY - TALCY adj TALCIER, TALCIEST suggestive of talc
TARGA - TARGA n pl. -S a type of convertible sports car
TASED - TASE v TASED, TASING, TASES to stun with a gun that fires electrified darts
TASER - TASER n pl. -S a gun that fires electrified darts
TASES - TASE v TASED, TASING, TASES to stun with a gun that fires electrified darts
TASSO - TASSO n pl. -S spicy cured pork
TAYRA - TAYRA n pl. -S a large mammal of Central and South America
TEGUS - TEGU n pl. -S a large lizard of South America
TEINS - TEIN n pl. -S a monetary unit of Kazakhstan
TENNE + TENNE n pl. -S an orange-brown color
      + TENNE n pl. TENNESI a monetary unit of Turkmenistan
TENNO - TENNO n pl. -S the emperor of Japan considered as a divinity
TENNY - TENNY n pl. -NIES tenne
TERES - TERES n pl. TERETES or TERESES either of two muscles helping to rotate the arm
THALI - THALI n pl. -S a platter on which food is served in India
THANG - THANG n pl. -S thing
TIANS - TIAN n pl. -S a large oval cooking pot
TITCH - TITCH n pl. -ES a small amount
TIYIN - TIYIN n pl. -S a monetary unit of Kyrgyzstan
TIYNS - TIYN n pl. -S a monetary unit of Kazakhstan
TIZES - TIZ n pl. -ES tizzy
TOCKS - TOCK v -ED, -ING, -S to make a short, hollow sound
TOCOS - TOCO n pl. -COS a South American toucan
TOLTS - TOLT n pl. -S an isolated hill
TOSAS - TOSA n pl. -S a dog of a breed of mastiff
TOTTY - TOTTY n pl. -TIES a good-looking person
TRADS - TRAD n pl. -S a modern item with design aspects inherited from or complementary with that time period
TRAYF - TRAYF adj not prepared according to Jewish law
TREFA - TREFA adj tref
TREMS - TREM n pl. -S an electric guitar lever for producing tremolo
TREYF - TREYF adj trayf
TSUBO - TSUBO n pl. -S a Japanese unit of area
TUILE - TUILE n pl. -S a thin cookie made with almonds
TULSI - TULSI n pl. -S a type of basil
TURRS - TURR n pl. -S a murre
TWEEP - TWEEP n pl. -S one who uses the Twitter online message service
TWEER - TWEE adj TWEER, TWEEST affectedly cute or dainty
TWINK - TWINK n pl. -S a weak or ineffectual person
UMMAH - UMMAH n pl. -S umma
UMMAS - UMMA n pl. -S the whole community of Muslims
UMMED - UM v UMMED, UMMING, UMS hesitate or pause in speaking
UMPHS - UMPH n pl. -S oomph
UNDOS - UNDO n pl. -S a computer feature that allows the user to reverse the effect of the last action
UNICA - UNICUM n pl. -CA a unique example or specimen
VAREC - VAREC n pl. -S seaweed
VEGAS - VEGA n pl. -S a large plain or valley
VENDU - VENDU n pl. -S an awesome guy *deemed offensive*
VIFFS - VIFF v -ED, -ING, -S to change direction abruptly of a vertical take-off aircraft
VIVAT - VIVAT n pl. -S viva
VLEIS - VLEI n pl. -S a hollow in South Africa in which water collects
VLOGS - VLOG v VLOGGED, VLOGGING, VLOGS to blog video material
VOLKS - VOLK n pl. the Afrikaner people
VOXEL - VOXEL n pl. -S each of an array of elements of volume in graphic simulation
VULNS - VULN v -ED, -ING, -S to wound
WALIS - WALI n pl. -S the governor of a province in an Arab country
WAREZ - WAREZ n pl. WAREZES illegally copied software
WETAS - WETA n pl. -S a large wingless insect of New Zealand
WHYDA - WHYDA n pl. -S whydah
WIKIS - WIKI n pl. -S a website that allows any user to add or edit content
WOOPY - WOOPY n pl. -PIES woopie
WOWEE - WOWEE interj -- used to express astonishment or admiration
YAGES - YAGE n pl. -S a tropical vine of the Amazon region
YAPPY - YAPPIER, YAPPIEST inclined to yap
YARAK - YARAK n pl. -S a fit condition for hunting -- used of a hawk
YEESH - YEESH interj -- used to express frustration
YOBBY - YOBBY adj YOBBIER, YOBBIEST resembling a yob
YOMPS - YOMP v -ED, -ING, -S to march with heavy equipment over difficult terrain
YONKS - YONKS n/pl a very long time
YOOFS - YOOF n pl. -S youth
YUZUS - YUZU n pl. -S a sour Japanese citrus fruit
ZAIDA - ZAIDA n pl. -S zeda
ZAIDY - ZAIDY n pl. -DIES zeda
ZAKAT - ZAKAT n pl. -S payment made annually under Islamic law on certain kinds of property
ZEDAS - ZEDA n pl. -S grandfather
ZENDO - ZENDO n pl. -S a place where Zen Buddhists meditate and study
ZINCO - ZINCO n pl. -S a letterpress printing plate made of zinc
ZIPPO - ZIPPO n pl. -S nothing
ZOWEE - ZOWEE interj zowie
ZUPPA - ZUPPA n pl. -S a fish soup

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