WHAT Common Queries Reference Sheet (13-Jun-15)

What To Do How To Do It Examples
Anagram Type letters in any order EQUITAN and Enter yields: ANTIQUE QUINATE
SQUIRAL and Enter reports "(nothing)"
Anagram, yielding shorter words Type the letters, then press Ctrl and a digit quixote and Ctrl+5 yields: QUIET QUITE QUIXOTE QUOIT QUOTE TOQUE
Indicate a blank in anagramming Type a question mark Q?? and Enter yields: QAT QIS+ QUA SUQ 
Indicate a blank in a pattern Type a period ..J and Enter yields: HAJ RAJ TAJ
Indicate zero or more blanks in a pattern Type an asterisk *NQ and Enter yields: CINQ+ TRANQ + indicates it's new in OWL3.
QO* and Enter yields: QOPH QOPHS
Denote a consonant or vowel Type (C) or (V) 5(V)2(C)Q and Enter yields: ACEQUIAS ACQUIREE ADEQUATE and 37 others. Notice the use of repetition counts. 
Fill in a pattern with a rack Type a comma as separator QU...T.,AI?? and Enter yields: QUALITY QUINATE
Does a rack play through certain letters Enclose those letters within parentheses LIQUIDS(COZ) and Enter yields: SOLIQUID
See definitions Type the quotation mark ..V" and Enter yields the 10 words with their definitions
Word acceptability Type the word and /-? liquers/-? and Enter reports it is not a word
See only a count Include a number sign QRSTEOU# and Enter reports "Number of words = 4"
See what 1 or 2 blanks match Include an equal sign quito?= and Enter reports the blank can be only an S
Get a hidden answer Include a backslash aeiou??q\ and Enter gets the answer, but shows nothing
See a particular letter Type <letter-#>/<word-#> Following the above example, 1/2 and Enter reports "Letter 1 of word 2 is: E"
See a particular word Type /<word-#> Following the above 2 examples, /2 and Enter shows the 2nd word: EQUATION
Challenge a play Press Esc or Tab, and follow the instructions In the Challenge Window, type JOS,DEELY and Tab, and you are shown "No, the play is UNACCEPTABLE"