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WHAT 1.2 Release Notes

WHAT, Wolfberg's Helpful Anagramming Tool, is really a toolbox of integrated powerful tools, with many facilities. From time to time, the program is updated with bug fixes and the support of new features. This page outlines changes made in 2009 through 2011 for WHAT Version 1.2.

Release 90 made 11-Jun-11

Release 89 made 23-Jan-11

Release 88 made 8-Oct-10

Release 87 made 6-Oct-10

Release 86 made 3-Sep-10

Release 85 made 31-Aug-10

Release 84 made 18-Aug-10

Release 83 made 13-Aug-10

Release 82 made 20-Apr-10

Release 81 made 11-Mar-10

Release 80 made 21-Jan-10

Release 79 made 20-Jan-10

Release 78 made 14-Jan-10

Release 77 made 7-Jan-10

Release 76 made 18-Dec-09

Release 75 made 14-Dec-09

Release 74 made 12-Oct-09

Release 73 made 20-Sep-09

Release 72 made 28-Aug-09

Release 71 made 18-Aug-09

Release 70 made 8-Aug-09