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I must begin with an apology. When I first created my web site in late 1977, I had intended to present a rather extensive amount of restaurant reviews. For the Boston area, I made up a skeleton of the many restaurants I planned to review in detail. This planned work has not been achieved, but this may yet come to be someday.

Having moved to the Northwest suburbs of Boston in mid-2007, I may very well contribute some new reviews of places near my new home. I have begun this effort as of mid-June, 2007.

In my various reviews of restuarants, I use a rating scale, labelled as "W" to rate restaurants, primarily on the quality of the food, in the range 0 - 10, where 10 is used for the best places I know. I adhere to the use of the Zagat Restaurant Guides - I find their ratings quite reliable, and so I include the food, decor, and service ratings from them when I know them. Zagat ratings range from 0 to 30, with 30 being the highest, but this is not achieved in places I have read about.

I have chosen to organize my reviews according to locale. Within each locale, the main presentation is in alphabetical order. I had planned to begin most pages with an alphabet index to enable you to find a restaurant by name quickly, but alas this remains undone. Perhaps I will also provide some other indexes, such as by ratings, as these reviews increase in number.

Only some of these following pages have useful contents today. Much of this part of my web site is still under construction. The Boston page has names of places I intend to describe, but it has almost no descriptions now. Feel free to take a look. It is my intention that more will get filled in when I can get to it, but don't expect this soon; this has been the case since late 1997.

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