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Lexington, MA SCRABBLE® Club History

This club was formed by the late Edie Berman and the late Muriel Sands on January 23 or January 30, 1980. It began Thursday night sessions at The Church of Our Redeemer on Meriam St. in Lexington Center. It later moved to another church or two before settling at its current location, where it has been since late 1980. From the beginning, the club provided deluxe sets. When Edie moved to Cape Cod in 1983, she handed off the directorship to Judy Horn (named Judy Swank at that time), who had been the director until 2020. The club took a break from March, 2020 until September, 2022. JakeBergmann4@gmail.com then took over directorship of the club.

Mike Wolfberg joined the club perhaps in its third session, and he has remained an active player ever since. He took on the role of club statistician within the first year. In early 1981, Mike implemented Alan Frank's Lexington Club Rating System and produced computer ratings weekly. These have continued all these years, assisted by Steve Root many years ago and Joel Horn for certain extended periods of time. The late Ellen Miller contributed to the club news on several occasions. The news is part of the weekly rating sheet.

This club web site was first created in October, 1997. Another page of this web site, specifically the club roster, lists the currently active players, but here are some who used to be regulars and have ceased attending for one reason or another, often because they have moved away:

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