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Appendix A:
Recommended Reading List

Here are some suggested readings on cults and other topics. You may want to think about, and discuss with others, how to personalize your recovery plan to your specific needs. Study questions and their answers for some of the readings listed under Recovery 101 can be found in Appendix B and C. Please review the Additional Readings list for other materials that may interest you.

Recovery 101 - The Basics

``Coming Out of the Cults" (Singer, )1979

``Kids 'n' Cults'' (Swope, 1980)

``Resisting Mind Control''(Andersen and Zimbardo, 1980)

Combatting Cult Mind Control (Hassan, 1988)

Recovery from Cults (Langone, (Ed.), 1993).

Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism, Chapters 5, 12, 22 (Lifton, 1961)

Touchstones (Stoner and Kisser, 1992)

Trauma and Recovery (Herman, 1992)

Youth, Brainwashing and the Extremist Cults (Enroth, 1977)

Recovery 201 - Filling in the Gaps

The Disowned Self (Branden, 1971)

Global Politics (Ray, 1983)

Influence (Cialdini, 1984)

Moonwebs (Freed, 1980)

Transitions (Bridges, 1980)

The Worldly Philosophers (Heilbroner, 1980)

Recovery 301 - Additional Studies

The Politics of International Economic Relations (Spero, 1985)

The Feminine Mystique (Freidan, 1963)

Cults and Consequences (Andres and Lane, 1988)

The Amazing Brain (Ornstein and Thompson, 1984)

Healing the Child Within (Whitfield, 1987)

Passages (Sheehy, 1976)

The Road Less Traveled (Peck, 1978)

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