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Chapter 3:
Phase Three-Rebuilding and Dreaming

He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed
often and loved much.

-Bessie Anderson Stanley

What do you do once the shock, grief, and pain have been talked out? What do you do when you have studied mind control and yourself so thoroughly you know why it won't happen to you again? What do you do after you have reconnected with yourself, family, and friends? You build or rebuild a life plan. This may include a career, education, intimate relationship, family, community service, personal interests, and financial stability.

Putting it in Perspective

A friend mentioned she was taking a workshop to learn how to make wreaths. How insignificant it can seem to make a wreath, I thought, when you've been spending the past several years trying to save the world. How insignificant everything seems.


Someone told me the toughest job for the ex-cultist is to learn what normal is after having been a fanatic (all or nothing) for so long. I found this to be very true. For a few years after I returned home, there was a sense of urgency that plagued me. I assumed this urgency had been burned into my nerves. For years the cult had drilled into me the immediate, pending world doom I alone could alleviate by following them.

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