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``Wendy Ford has written an honest, revealing, highly comprehensive and practical guide for former cultists and their families. Through this sensible, instructive book, a wider circle of people will now have the opportunity to benefit from her wise and practical step-by-step approach. This book is the first of its kind, and it will be difficult to surpass."-Lorna Goldberg, MSW, ACSW and William Goldberg, MSW, ACSW

``This book is of, by and for the recovering ex-cultist, a must-read for those who counsel ex-cultists, and a revealing and invaluable resource for those who love and live with the ex-cultist."-Rick St. Clair, Ph.D., former 16-year member of a Boston-based cult

``This book is chock-full of practical advice. I highly recommend it to everyone who has had a cult mind control expereience and to anyone who wishes to be very supportive of the entire healing process."--Steve Hassan, M.Ed., ex-cultist, and author of Combatting Cult Mind Control

``Ms. Ford has taken the trauma and despair of exiting from a destructive cult and offered gentleness and encouragement in a way only someone who's been there can. This guide through the difficulty of recovery can provide basic steps for someone going through that process alone, or facilitate and enhance someone's work in counseling or rehabilitation. Ms. Ford provides direction at a time when the smallest of decisions is impossible and yet fiercely defended as one's own. I highly recommend this handbook as a tool for those recovering from an experience of mind control."-Nancy Miquelon, MSW, ex-cultist, and National Director of FOCUS, an ex-cultist support network

``An extremely helpful book for those individuals trying to cope with, understand, and recover from a cultic experience."-Carol Giambalvo, ex-cultist, former National Director of FOCUS, and author of Exit Counseling: A Family Intervention

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