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I hope this handbook has been of some help to you and your family and friends. It has meant a lot to me to share my struggles with you. Mine has been a very long and often extremely difficult journey. Learning to trust again takes lots of practice.

I hope you will keep at the process of recovery, continuing to heal and grow into the person you want to become. Don't ever give up! Take a breather now and then as needed, but continue to focus on what values and goals are important to you. And, please don't get too discouraged. There is beauty all around and your life can still make a difference in this world. Let the beauty and mystery of Life inspire and soothe you.

Work on setting realistic expectations of yourself and of others. This can be very hard to do. Keep testing expectations. Each person and situation is different. Have you reviewed your expectations of a particular person for a particular situation? If you are frustrated too often, the cause may be an overlooked unrealistic expectation or a hidden myth.

Keep a lookout for any subtle, residual thought-control cobwebs. Consider reworking the materials on some sort of regular basis for several years. Residual controls and influences can be hard to ferret out.

Good luck and best wishes for a healthy and fulfilling life. You have so much to offer. I will be cheering for you.

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